Summer Education Activities

12 July - 24 July 2016

Between July 12 and 24, 2016, Pera Kids is proud to present 12 creative and fun workshops for age groups 4-6 and 7-12 as part of the exhibitions “Mario Prassinos, In Pursuit of an Artist: İstanbul-Paris-İstanbul,” “Jameel Prize 4” and Summer Education activities.

During the exhibition based on works by the French artist, illustrator, stage designer, and writer Mario Prassinos, children will learn about the Surrealist movement. In the workshops, they will experiment with techniques such as ink blowing, mono print, assemblage, portraiture, silhouette making, collage, and design, using materials such as wood fragments, crayons, raffia, fabric, and styrofoam. In addition to generating awareness about nature, the workshops will allow children to experiment with book design and character creation.

In the “Jameel Prize 4” exhibition brought to life in collaboration with Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the world’s leading museum of art and design , participants will learn about contemporary art and artists. They will work with a range of techniques including geometric forms, potato print, and stained glass, using different media such as clay, Plexiglas, cardboard, and acrylic paint.

Capacity: 10 participants
Duration: 2 hours
Fee per workshop: 45 TL

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